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Enjoy our video for a glimpse into what students are saying about our classes.

Adult Spanish Classes

Deidre’s unique style of teaching makes her classes both fun and challenging. Her classes focus on core subjects rather than an overview, which gives you a better understanding in recognizing verb forms, sentence structure, and vocabulary. She encourages conversational Spanish and is patient in helping with correct pronunciation and sentence structure. Deidre will have you understanding and speaking Spanish in no time! I feel very lucky to have found the best Spanish teacher in Austin!
- Jim Lynch, musician

Deidre is a patient, knowledgeable, and kind teacher. She understands the demands of real life, gives homework that is realistic, and gently reminds her students about rules that were taught 5 lessons ago. She corrects pronunciation and without undermining students' confidence. She offers ideas to learn/hear/and speak Spanish outside of class. As a native speaker, she also teaches pronunciation and word differences throughout the Spanish-speaking world. She teaches not only vocabulary, grammar, and the language, but also the different cultures found across the Spanish-speaking world. She will also tailor her class to her students—for example, we learn many legal words and terms because our class consists of lawyers. Deidre's Spanish class is wonderful and highly recommended.
- Lori Duke, clinical professor, UT Law School

Deidre is a born teacher who creates an enthusiastic learning environment for her students. She is patient and encourages us to become comfortable with speaking in the Spanish language. The small class size allows us to practice speaking Spanish for the full time we are in class. As a beginning Spanish student, I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and I have learned so much! Over the past year, I have been delighted to take part in Deidre's Spanish classes, and I now believe that I will become a fluent Spanish speaker!
- Gail D. Nicholson, Ph.D. in Education from Pennsylvania State University; J.D. from University of Texas at Austin; attorney in Austin, Texas

Deidre is an outstanding Spanish teacher. She is a positive and encouraging teacher, and her classes are fun. My Spanish has improved dramatically due to these classes. Deidre has an unparalleled knowledge of the Spanish language because she's a native speaker and because she's always studying and thinking about languages. I enthusiastically recommend Deidre's Spanish classes.
-Dennis Thompson, Ph.D. in Biology

I have enjoyed every class I have taken with Deidre. The classes are very interactive, informative, and fun. My level of understanding of spoken Spanish has improved rapidly. Taking these classes has been a great way to start out my day!
- Dr. Katherine Brown, research fellow at UT

Deidre has great lesson plans and yet she is flexible and brilliant at capturing the teachable moments. Deidre’s passion for languages and great depth of knowledge are stimulating and inspiring.
- Heather Reed, Hatha Yoga teacher

At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now I look forward to every Wednesday. Deidre’s classes are fun and informative. I love the casual atmosphere, the small class size, and her attention to every detail. Live the Language is a great way to learn Spanish.
- Janet Hix, photographer

I have been extremely happy with the quality of instruction provided by Deidre and Live the Language. Deidre obviously has a strong grasp of the dynamics of the English and Spanish languages and manages to find creative and effective ways to translate that understanding to her students. I’m always impressed by her ability to personalize the lessons to her student’s interests and background, not only making them easier to digest but also more lasting.
- Benjamin Rhame, marine biologist

I'm very happy with my Spanish acquisition, improved comprehension, and speaking in the months studying with Maestra Deidre. She has a thorough knowledge of the language and culture.
- Neal Nuwash, educator

Children's Spanish Program

All we can say is wow! We enrolled our two sons (ages 5 and 8) in Deidre’s 2009 summer immersion camp in advance of a family relocation to Costa Rica that would begin in the Fall of 2009. Because we would be living in a relatively remote & rural area of Central America, the boys would be starting local public school (Kindergarten & third grade) where no English is spoken. By way of background, Spanish immersion camp was a bit of a hard sell to two active boys who had “voted” to attend baseball, lacrosse, and soccer camps with their friends. Parental “democracy” won out—but we asked them to stay open minded, telling them that they might end up enjoying it. Sure enough— it was clear after the first day that the boys had a blast—and could not wait to go back the next & everyday! They loved every aspect of camp—from traditional games, playground time, stories & movies to even learning to cook & doing yoga in Spanish— all in a warm, sincerely caring and fun environment! In short, the boys gave Deidre and the camp the highest accolade kids their age can bestow— “camp is super cool!” Most significantly for what was to come, we now know that Deidre’s methodology and approach to language instruction is nothing short of amazing. Their time and language acquisition at the camp set an incredible foundation for their path to biliteracy and truly made their adjustment upon our arrival in Costa Rica exponentially easier. Today, the boys are happily attending local public school—100% of every class is in Spanish—no teachers know or speak English and their friends/classmates only speak Spanish. This would simply not have been possible without Deidre and the camp. Finally, we continue to supplement the boys' daily schoolwork with highly experienced, certified private native-speaking Spanish tutors here in Costa Rica. While many are excellent, none even come close to comparing to Deidre. Austin is incredibly lucky to have a resource like Deidre, and we can easily, happily, and unconditionally recommend her at the highest level to other parents seeking to give the gift of a second or third language to their child. Deidre is, in short, amazing.
-Dr. Amy Alcorn, M.D. (pediatrician), & Mike Rosenfelt, Eanes parents now living in Costa Rica

Just wanted to thank you for the great experience Dougal had at your camp last week. He made several comments, "I learned more there in a day than I did in a month at school" and "The class is structured so well for learning", i.e. working one-on-one, conversational, casual. And best of all "I really like Deidre, she was so cool."
- Dawn Orsak, Hill Country Middle School Parent

My son Philip started participating in "Live the Language" when he was 8 years old on the weekends and we continued in the week-long summer programs every year for the past 4 years. I only wish I had started him sooner. He loved the play and the cooking, and now that he is taking Spanish in a regular curriculum he is far ahead of his classmates with a better accent and a real drive to learn the language. At 8 he wasn't sure what he was doing, but it all sank in. Immersion is the only way to go.
-Claudia Chidester, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School parent

Chet and Kaya had the most amazing week at Spanish Camp. Every day they came home excited about the activities and new words they learned. We were thrilled with all that they were exposed to. Both kids learned enough to know that they are interested in learning more. Kaya listens and sings with the music CD's at least once a day. Chet and Kaya's Live the Language adventure was “grande” and memorable! I just wanted to say thank you for the great experience!
-Kathy Hill, Barton Hills Elementary parent

John, age 7, had a fabulous time this summer in Spanish camp! He would do the yoga positions at home and wanted to make the same food that they had made in class. He would come home with tapes of him reading aloud Spanish books with Deidre! I don't have any Spanish language skills, so I would read along in the books and ask him what different words mean—-he really knew. It was incredible! What a fantastic experience!
-Susie Morrison, Travis Heights Elementary parent

Lucas and Gabriel really enjoyed their Spanish camp. They have both come home speaking Spanish to one another and to me. Deidre's class emphasizes language use and makes it entertaining for the kids.
-Beatriz Mejia, Barton Hills Elementary parent

Our nine-year-old daughter, Angelina, had tons of fun while learning at the “Live the Language” summer camps! I especially liked the tape-recorded lesson Angelina would bring home. It’s great knowing she is learning Spanish immersed in Latin art and food.
-Lisa Alaniz, Barton Hills Elementary parent

Our 4-year-old’s Spanish improved significantly during the time he was at camp with Deidre. The highlight for me was that one day when I was picking him up from school, he looked at me as we were approaching our car and said, in Spanish, “Where are your car keys, daddy?” I picked him up and gave him a big hug! His experience in the camp had given him the confidence to speak that I had rarely seen before. Deidre is a native speaker with a keen interest in seeing kids master the language, and having a dedicated and capable teacher like that makes a world of difference.
-Erin Defosse, chairman and founder of Austin’s Magellan International School

Other Classes

I am looking forward to another year of Spanish with you and can't thank you enough for all the work you have put into our classes and development.
-April Walker, full-time mom

I'm homeschooling my daughter, and we are enjoying our family lesson with Deidre. Deidre's enthusiasm and love of language shines through in her work. Deidre is prepared and organized. She gives us lots of opportunities to practice our new learning: singing, reading, and writing. The space at Deidre's home is warm and inviting.
-Lisa West, full-time mom

Ava loves Spanish class. She talks about it at home and gets excited and says "Yey" on Thursday mornings when she knows she will have it. From observing your class and from hearing about it from Ava, I can tell what a great class you have going.
-Amanda Liles, MHOC parent

My son Joshua just received an A in his Spanish class. While you only worked with him one time I do believe that you deserve some of the credit for this grade. On top of that, after you left him that day I asked how it went and he said "it was fun, I learned so much from her." He said this with enthusiasm and sincerity. While his father and I do expect him to be kind and respectful to his teachers, I was not expecting that type of reaction at all! He was truly glad to have had you over. Wow. It is very impressive that a 13-yea- old boy would say such a thing after an hour of tutoring on a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon. You really should feel very good about your abilities. If you have any summer "camps" scheduled that he might be qualified for, please keep him in mind.
-Sheila Stricker, Kirby Hall parent


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